Not all photo booth rental companies are created equally, so what do you want to know about ours?  Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding photo booth companies.


How soon before prints are available for the guests?

We use state of the art dye sublimation printers so prints can be ready in as fast as 10 seconds after a session is completed.  Usually by the time guests are done being excited about the experience, the prints would be ready.

How many prints are provided each session?

We will print up to 4 strips for each session.  We can print a strip for each person in the photo as well but for a small upgrade fee.

Do we have backup equipment?

Absolutely! We would not show up to your event without it.  We will have backup camera, computer, printer, cables, etc.

Will someone be there to assist the guests?

A friendly (unless hungry) photo booth attendant will be at each event to insure that guests are happy and know exactly what they are doing.